USTA Jr. Registration

 To join a team all players must be current members of the USTA or have a tennis ID number. I recommend the USTA membership because players get a tennis magazine and can enter in USTA tournaments. Go to and follow the prompts to become a member and create a member profile. Once you have a membership number you can go to tennislink tab and join a team. You will need your membership number, the team number and a credit card to pay $23.50 for the team sign up fee. Cost is $20 per match. A down payment of $100 is required toward match play. This payment will cover five matches. You will be billed for any matches you play more than five. You will be refunded or balance can be used towards classes if less than five matches are played.

Fall 2017 USTA numbers to register for a Nikki’s Tennis Crew Junior Team Tennis.

10 Orange Ball   6517335559

10 Green Dot   6517335557

12 2.9 level   6517335556

14  2.9 level   6517335554

18 Boys 2.9 level   6517335553

18 Boys 3.5+ level   6517335552