In Memoriam: Aimee Oki

Aimee was a much beloved coach for Nikki’s Tennis Crew for many years. She played for and graduated from Northern Arizona University. She studied exercise science in college and planned to go into sports training after graduating. Aimee started competing in tennis at age 8 and trained under many spectacular coaches along with her parents Mindy and Rick Oki. Aimee was ranked No. 1 in the nation in Mother-Daughter doubles in 2006. She specialized in doubles play but continually improved overall singles play as well. Aimee loved reading, hiking, singing, dancing, and family bonding. Sadly, Aimee left us way to early due to her challenges with mental illness. One in five people that bipolar affects succeed in taking their own life.  Aimee Oki Foundation was established to support young adults suffering with bipolar illness. We miss Aimee’s contagious laugh, her love of teaching and the care she gave every student she taught.

Aimee Oki Foundation