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Nikki's Tennis Crew Singles Challenge Ladder

How to Get on the Ladder

  1. Contact Nikki Robbins at 818-438-2413 or via email
  2. The cost will be a flat fee of $45.00 to join the ladder. This will include court time. .
  3. Make your check payable to Match Tough Tennis for $45.00. This will cover entry fee for challenge matches
  4. There will be one ladder but different divisions with in the ladder. Trophies will be given out according to highest NTRP ranking players in each level. Open 5.0+, A 4.5, B 4.0, C 3.5 and 3.0
  5. To join the challenge ladder, Nikki will provide you with names of eligible players who can be challenged. No challenges to the TOP 5 positions.
  6. You can contact the person and mutually work out challenge date, time and location. If a location can not be decided, Warner Center will be the location. Courts are free at Warner Center all day every day for challenge matches. Balboa Tennis Center will have various free match play times. Please contact Nikki to reserve a court at Balboa Tennis Center. To play at Warner Center call and reserve a challenge court. If match is played at a pay facility, the court costs will be split.
  7. Results will be posted at Balboa Tennis Center, Warner Center and on Nikki's web site. An email will be sent out once a week with match results.
  8. The Summer ladder will run June 1, 2015 through August 31. Trophies will be given out for the #1 position in each division, the most challenges and the most victories .
Ladder Rules
  1. Everyone must contact Nikki Robbins to make a challenge. or 818-438-2413. You can challenge three positions above your own.
  2. If the challenger wins, they take the loser's spot. If the challenger loses, nothing changes.
  3. Challenges are processed on a first come basis, so all requests must include exact time and date.
  4. Nikki will assign challenges based on requests received and ability to finalize the challenge request. Please make every effort to contact Nikki if she misses you.
  5. All challenges must be complete within 7 days after the challenge has been made to the opponent.
  6. Phone calls/emails from the challenger must be acknowledged within 3 days or a default will result in favor to challenger
  7. Unavailability of courts due club events or rain can result in a 7 day extension of the time limits.
  8. The challenger will win by default if the match is not completed within the time limits. NO EXCEPTIONS
  9. A twenty minute default rule can be enforced by either player. Don't be late!!
  10. Both players bring a can of new balls. If there is a third set the second can gets opened. If there is no second set, the winner gets the used balls and the loser gets the new can of balls and challenger reports the final score immediately after the match.
  11. The match will be two out of three sets, regular scoring and a 12 point tie breaker at 6-6 .
  12. If the player being challenged defaults, the challenger takes the position of the player.
  13. After 3 consecutive challenges from players below, you do not have to accept the fourth, but must challenge up to the first available opponent
  14. Being not available for challenges is possible from 5 to 30 days for injury/travel. But players may challenge players above you thereby lowering your position on the ladder. Please let Nikki know of any vacation dates ahead of time.
  15. Exceeding the time limit of rule #14 removes you from the ladder. You can get back by using procedures #1 through #6.

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